AIMS (Accounting Information and Management System) is a user-friendly software system designed to meet the ERP needs of distribution, manufacturing, service, rental, and construction companies.

Each AIMS module can operate ‘stand alone’ or fully integrate with the others. The system supports multiple companies, multiple branches / inventory locations, and buying and selling in multiple currencies.

AIMS is a true multi-user system. It uses a central file to define system options like the number of decimal positions for pricing (up to four) and inventory quantities (up to three). As a result, this central file gives users the ability to tailor the system to their liking.

The AIMS system includes security to ensure users only have access to the functions they require. For example, you may be able to enter journal entries but not have access to print financial statements. Each module includes utilities which allow changing, inactivating, or merging master codes (e.g., customers, items, assets, employees). As well, module dashboards are available to reduce management’s time to manage.

AIMS is owned and developed by WCS. It has been developed consistently with the input of customers to make it the most user-friendly software in the industry. WCS is committed to enhancing the functionality of AIMS through developing new versions and additional modules to complement the system.

In addition to providing the AIMS software product we also offer installation training and account management services, as well as telephone hot-line support and programming modifications.

AIMS operates on Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows Server and each license includes computer source code.