Service Order

The Service Order module does the following:

  • Lets you create service quotes and orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Accommodates both fixed price and time and material service work.
  • Facilitates entering labour and material cost transactions against open service orders.
  • Turns completed service orders into invoices.

Maintains historical service information by invoice and customer unit.

You can define multiple work classes to store standard service descriptions and pricing (e.g. tune up engine – $129). You can also define work codes to describe labour performed (e.g. changed spark plugs). A technician file maintains labour charge rates and internal costs.

The Service Order Entry screen lets you enter customer information as well as details on the unit to be serviced. The system comes with six user-defined fields to enter unit particulars (e.g. unit number, make, model, serial number). You enter work classes to describe the service work required and then indicate whether the line item is to be billed fixed-price or time-and-material. You can then print a hard copy of the order for the shop.

All new contracts are subject to a credit check before printing.

As work is performed, time and material can be posted against the service order. Labour and material transactions can either be recorded on the back of the service order and entered once the job is complete, or entered when issued and done. Purchase requisitions for non-stock items and subcontracts can also be created and costed against service orders.

Once a service order is complete, you can invoice it. Whether fixed price or time-and-material, invoices are properly costed and posted throughout the system. The billing program lets you add freight charges and shop supplies, perform cash sales and bill in foreign currencies.

If using Fixed Assets, internal service orders can be processed for servicing your company’s assets.

Five inquiries let you monitor outstanding orders and inquire on historical work by particular customer unit. Full invoice details are kept including cost hours and purchase requisition information.

Management reports include open order reports, sales reports and a Work In Progress report.

The service quotation system lets you track open quotes, transfer quotes to orders or to lost history and then report on lost history by reason code.

This module integrates with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets and General Ledger. It can also be interfaced with Payroll.

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