Rental Billing

The Rental Billing module does the following:

  • Lets you create rental quotes and transfer open quotes to rental orders.
  • Makes rental orders to print pick/pack slips for warehouse staff to ship from.
  • Creates rental contracts either from rental orders or directly.
  • Handles rental returns and prints customer return slips.
  • Invoices outstanding contracts automatically or manually.
  • Maintains rental history information.

Rental entry lets you enter contract information such as: contract date, start and expected return dates, and billing frequency (either weekly, monthly or on demand). It displays rental sales notes by asset (if they exist) and retrieves previously entered pricing information.

Inventory items can be sold on a rental contract – they will then be removed during the first contract billing. All new contracts are subject to a credit check before printing.

The system assigns pricing based on the customer’s price level and the corresponding price specified for each asset. You can also apply quantity breaks and percentage discounts to the selling price.

You can automatically bill contracts on a weekly or monthly basis using the contract start and return dates.

You can monitor outstanding contracts through a number of screen inquiries and reports. The Open Management Inquiry provides a drill down snapshot into the number of open contracts by location, salesperson and customer. The Open Detail Inquiry lets you scroll through outstanding contracts by customer, salesperson or location and then lets you update contract notes and expected return dates (either by line item or for the whole contract). Another inquiry sorts all outstanding contracts by expected return date.

The system stores details of all rental invoices in history. The Invoice History Inquiry lets you scroll through previous rental invoices by contract or by invoice number for a particular customer. This is valuable if you want to provide customers with the same unit they had the last time.

Reports list open contract information as well as sales history. The Rental Contract Summary Report summarizes all billing against a contract by asset and item, which provides an excellent check before closing any contract.

The rental quotation system lets you track open quotes, transfer quotes to orders or to lost history and then report on lost history by reason code.

This module integrates with Fixed Assets, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger.

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