The Payroll module does the following:

  • Maintains employee related files.
  • Provides an efficient way to enter employee time into the system and disburse time to job costing, work order costing or fixed assets (if applicable).
  • Prints employee cheques or transfers payroll data to the bank for direct deposit.
  • Lets you print record of employment forms and year-end T4s.
  • Provides useful inquiries and management reports.

Information stored on each employee includes: name, address, phone number, the province they pay taxes to, whether they are hourly or salary and if they are paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly.

The system stores up to 9 pay rates and 18 benefits and deductions per employee. Benefits may be taxable or non-taxable and deductions can be defined as tax reducing. Employees may pay extra tax using the tax boost option and can have their vacation pay taxed when paid or when earned.

You can use employee classes to default pay rates along with benefit and deduction profiles to speed up administration for new employees.

Hours for hourly employees can be disbursed to jobs, manufacturing work orders or against fixed assets. You can also cost fixed asset time to jobs or work orders.

Benefits and deductions can be calculated or entered for each pay run. Calculated benefits and deductions can also be overridden.

The Payroll Processing Listing shows all details of the pay run before cheques are printed. After printing, the system generates a Payroll Cheque List, which gives details about each cheque and totals for the cheque run. Manual cheques are also accommodated.

Two inquiries give all information regarding employees and their pay history.

Union reports can be defined and printed. Other reports include month-to-date and year-to-date labour analyses, an Outstanding Vacation Pay List, an Employee Pay History Report and an Employee YTD Summary Listing.

The system calculates and tracks EI information and prints record of employment forms. It also prints year-end T4s and provincial WCB reports.

This module integrates with General Ledger, Job Costing, Bill of Material / Work Order and Fixed Assets.

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