Job Costing

The Job Costing module does the following:

  • Facilitates fixed price or time and material jobs.
  • Lets you optionally enter original and revised budgets for each job.
  • Facilitates posting costs, billings, and budget revisions to jobs.
  • Shows open P/Os as committed costs.
  • Provides useful inquiries and management reports.

Cost codes can be up to 9 digits broken into three sections: classification, category, and sub-category. You can define them to have a costing method of either unit cost (e.g., labour) or lump sum (e.g., material or subcontracts).

Opening a job includes entering the job name, address, description, start date, and original contract amount. The system then tracks the number of contract revisions and billings.

You can budget jobs and assign a mark-up factor by cost code for time and material work.

Costs can be entered directly or interfaced from other AIMS modules such as Payroll (labour), Accounts Payable (non-stock material, subcontracts, rented equipment), Inventory (stock material), Fixed Assets (equipment), Accounts Receivable (billings), and Purchasing (non-stock material, subcontractor costs). Budget and contract revisions are entered within the Job Costing module.

Committed costs are automatically calculated from open purchase orders.

The Suggested Billing Report prints labour and material posted against the job for a specific time period. It then multiplies labour times a selling rate and marks up material.

The Period-To-Date Analysis prints job revenue and costs for the month, year, and job-to-date. Use this report to balance your Income Statement. The Work In Process Report simplifies your month end journal entry by detailing over- and under-billings for each job. The report total then becomes your monthly journal entry for WIP.

You can track percentage-complete amounts for each job and the system will forecast over- and under- budget items. Enter completion amounts as a percentage (by job or cost code), as units remaining, or dollars remaining.

The Job Summary Inquiry displays contract amount, billings to date, revised budgets, and actual costs for any job summarized to any of the three cost code levels. The Job Detail Inquiry shows the details that make up these numbers.

Two Job Cost Analysis Reports show original budget, revised budget, spent to date (job and period), budget remaining, committed costs, and a forecasting section based on percentage complete information.