Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module does the following:

  • Provides an easy way to maintain customer related files including attachments.
  • Lets you efficiently create and post invoices through multiple AIMS billing modules and apply payments against customer accounts.
  • Provides an excellent method of collecting money and managing customer credit.
  • Prints, faxes, or emails customer statements and provides aged listings
  • Generates finance charges.
  • Tracks and provides summarized sales information.

Information is maintained for customers, ship-to locations, salespeople, branches, regions, and customer types. Other files store payment terms, sales taxes, customer notes (both sales and credit), shipping instructions, and sales history.

Credit information includes customer credit limit, a red-yellow-green status, date the account was opened, date of last purchase, date of last payment, the customer’s average days to pay, and the highest credit balance ever extended.

If an AIMS invoicing module is not being used, you can enter direct invoices and credit memos which can be disbursed to multiple G/L revenue accounts.

Cash receipt processing allows fast and efficient entry of customer payments. This option includes the ability to select payment method (e.g., cheque, cash, charge card, or EFT). It also allows storing misunderstood payments as unapplied cash and you can adjust invoices – up or down – while creating a corresponding journal entry.

Customer Inquiry lets you collect overdue accounts or approve sales orders on ‘credit hold.’ It displays total due amounts for the customer and outstanding invoice information. You can then view actual invoices and fax or email them directly from this screen. You can also view and enter credit notes and display customer credit history. Use the filter feature to scroll through only those accounts with balances over 60 or 90 days.

All customer transactions are stored with a continuous running balance. This feature aids greatly to answer customer inquiries or reconcile accounts.

Customer statements can be printed for all or a selected group of customers. You can also print an Aged Listing (in detail or summary) and generate finance charges for applicable accounts.

Management reports include a Twelve Month Sales Comparison and Year over Year Sales Comparison by customer. Reports from the various Sales Analysis modules then detail which items or services were bought.

This module integrates with Order Entry, Rental Billing, Service Order, and General Ledger.

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