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Welcome to Western Canadian Software -- Your Information Company.

We provide both Tier II and Tier III ERP software solutions for the distribution, manufacturing, service, rental, and construction industries.

Your Information Company: All businesses require a lawyer, an accountant, and an information company. Who's your information company? If you're not sure or aren't happy with your current provider, consider WCS.

Tier II or Tier III: Typically, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is grouped into four tiers.

  • Tier I is for government and large corporations.
  • Tier IV includes basic accounting systems like Quickbooks or Simply Accounting.

AIMS provides a fully integrated solution (tier III) that is low cost, efficient, and easy to use. Epicor is wider and deeper in functionality (tier II) and employs the latest in technology.

If you run a mid-size business, Tier II or Tier III software is probably right for you. Either way, we've got you covered.


Note: WCS sponsors two public websites, First You Steal A Chicken (a nice Italian cookbook) and Funny You Should Ask (a fun online board game).




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